Ultra high temperature infrared thermometer

General Tools & Instruments IRT5000 100:1 Ultra-High Temperature IR Thermometer w Dual Laser Target Tracking System Ideal for: Power Distribution and Generation Maintenance, Foundry Operations, Industrial Site Inspection, Manufacturing Technicians, and Fire Fighting Operations Products/Services for Ultra High Temp Infrared Thermometers Infrared Thermometers - (144 companies) Infrared Thermometers are non-contact temperature devices that use infrared radiation to infer the temperature of an object. The Fluke 62 MAX noncontact thermometers are ideal for quick, basic temperature checks in applications where the user needs to be a safe distance from the target area being measured. This compact, portable tool enables professionals to scan surfaces for hot spots, diagnose problems, and monitor temperature variations without direct contact. New miniature SMD infrared thermometer IC Product. The MLX90632 is a miniature SMD thermometer IC for accurate non-contact temperature measurement, especially in thermally dynamic environments and when available space is limited. The IR-PRO-100 infrared thermometer measures ultra-high temperatures from long distances. With a distance-to-spot ratio of 100:1, the IR-PRO-100 infrared thermometer can measure the surface temperatures of a 1-foot target area from 100 feet away so you and your staff keep a safe distance from heat.