Basket weave appearance meaning

Manufacturers create oxford fabric by weaving two thin yarns into a thicker yarn running in the other direction. To create colored and patterned oxford shirts, manufacturers dye the threads running in one direction and leave the other threads white, resulting in a basket-weave textured appearance. Oxford is a basket weave where multiple weft threads are crossed over an equal number of warp threads. Often, one color of weft is crossed with a white warp thread resulting in a two-tone color appearance. The two-by-two weave creates a slightly rougher texture but is more durable than most fabrics. instructions for indian basket weaving. BY THE NAVAJO SCHOOL OF INDIAN BASKETRY. We have endeavored to make the following description of the Navajo weave, ( and this will apply to any plain continuous coil basket, ) so clear that anyone, after a careful reading, and a thorough inspection of the accompanying illustrations, should be able to ... This variation gets its name from the basketweave appearance it forms on the back after a few rows. In fact you can easily tell if you have made a mistake by tell tale stitches going in the wrong direction and spoiling the "weave".