Swapna devi mantra

A Hindi News Website which provides variety of news in hindi from India and International news, it has top stories on business, bollywood gossip, sports updates in hindi. Get News In Hindi, Hindi News Live, Hindi News Online, Hindi News Free, Latest News in Hindi, Hindi News India. This powerful Durga Mantra provides one protection against one’s enemies. If he chants this Mantra he will get rid of enemies and from the people who are jealous of him. This Mantra also helps in achieving welfare and bliss in one’s life. If this Mantra is chanted regularly, it will help with one’s well-being. Devi Stuti Mantra Translation in English: The meaning of this mantra is that ‘the Goddess who is omnipresent in this universe as the Universal mother, as the symbol of power and peace. Oh, Goddess who resides everywhere in all living beings in the form of intelligence and beauty. Sep 08, 2016 · This is a Mantra dedicated to Mahamaya Shakti or Chamunda Mata. The Mantra is actually a verse from the Shree Sukt. Whenever one is in doubt about the fulfillment of a wish or wants an answer or solution to a very necessary question, he must recite this Mantra in order to get the solution in a dream.-