How to remove super glue from glasses with toothpaste

Some toothbrushes have a crisscross pattern, which may remove plaque from teeth better, and some have polishing-cup bristles, which reportedly help remove surface stains better. Toothbrushes work to not only clean and remove plaque from your teeth, but they also massage gums and clean along the gum line. I own two aprons—a cute one for company, and another for the hard-core cooking duties, like cutting up chicken and making stock. The sad truth is that I almost never remember to wear either of them. So, much of my clothing ends up spattered with grease, liquid, and bits of fruit and vegetable. While stain-removing sprays, sticks, and pens are all effective to a certain extent, they have two ... How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Lens Glasses. There is nothing worse than putting on your glasses and realizing that you still can't see clearly because the lenses are covered in scratches. If you have glasses with plastic lenses you. Super useful to renew all my glasses! See more Begin by moistening a cotton ball or paper towel with pure acetone, available at hardware stores or some beauty supply stores. Blot the glue with the paper acetone piece until it starts to soften. When the glue softens, blot it with a clean cloth to remove. Continue until all of the glue is removed.