Sleeper retaining wall with steps

Below are designs produced with this CANTILEVER RETAINING WALL Design Software (CAD Software was also used). Our Retaining Wall Software give you option to use Rankine, Coulomb, Muller-Breslau or Equivalent Fluid Pressure. If you choose Rankine method, you are ignoring wall friction,... Feb 15, 2017 · Build a Retaining Wall in One Day. ... A builder’s square is a handy way to ensure the sleepers are at 90 degrees to the wall. Step 4: Slot in the Dressed Treated Pine Sleepers. You can combine retaining structures with stairs, benches, waterfalls, outdoor lights, etc. Decorative plants and flowers are a great way to beautify any retaining wall. You can choose different length varieties, use hanging and weaving plants, arrange special niches in the wall design for planters or simply hang baskets of flowers. Lay drainage pipe behind sleeper beams for the length of the wall. Lay geofabric against cut embankment face. Fill behind wall to a width of 200mm with gravel or other suitable material to within 500mm of top of wall. Continue placing beams on top of existing course and backfill as you go.