Rdr2 online disconnect fix pc

Dec 13, 2019 · Fixed an issue on PC systems where Safe Zone and HDR settings may not be saved if changed from the Landing Page and not Story Mode or Red Dead Online; Fixed an issue on PC systems that caused flickering white dots on the horizon during certain times of day while MSAA is active Dec 31, 2019 · Around mid-November I started recording my RDR2 Online crashes. I've been in contact with Rockstar support since the beginning and still no fix to mend the p... Dec 03, 2018 · Same issue here. Even in GTAO I was starting to get disconnected every 5 minutes, probably year ago and finally I gave up. I am not sure it is my connection. Reason is because I play multiple other online games without issues but Rockstar games don't work for me anymore. Maybe GTA5 becomes the "active" title and RDR2 becomes invalidated, and thus won't play until I go online. Is there a trick to getting offline mode working consistently, while still being able to go online when needed for update or multiplayer? Something I'm missing?