Open nokia 6500 slide

I have just got a nokia 6500 slide, seems good phone am pleased. I use to have a n73 which had 2 cameras on, one on back like normal camera, and one on front so you could see yourself if taking a picture. Now this 6500 slide has a second camera on the front by the ear piece but i cant seem to activate it. How do I unlock 6500 slide phone from 3 network? Is the only other way to visit a shop and have them unlock via cable/usb? As stated above, it's a Nokia 6500 slide on 3 network (which my other half got free as part of his new contract) and I am currently on O2 (which I want to use in this new phone!). Nov 05, 2007 · Hi, I've bought my new shiny Nokia 6500 slide but the instructions on how to open the area to insert battery and sim are absolutely useless. Is there someone out there that can help urgently? I've switched carriers and therefore will be without a phone if I can't work out how to open it. Tks, Tikus. Nokia 6500 slide 9201268 ... Nokia PC Suite vindt u in de functie Help van Nokia PC Suite of op de ondersteuningspagina’s op Algemene informatie 9