Hx35 vs hy35 performance

Jun 25, 2004 · hy35 vs h1c in my 4bt conversion i have a stock 16cm turbo (i think). the exhaust pipe is CLOSE to the firewall. is wither a h1c or hy35 diminsionally the came as mine? or i guess i should ask is will either one make the exhaust pipe farther into my firewall? The procedures in this manual were developed to instruct in the correct overhaul of the Holset HX35/40 turbocharger to provide for the optimum performance and minimum of maintenance operation. How to Use the Manual This manual is organised according to the steps needed to most easily and correctly overhaul the Holset HX35/40 turbocharger.An HY35 with its 9cm² exhaust housing or an HX35 with the HY's smaller housing (vice the HX's 12cm² housing) is a very nice match to the SRT-4's 2.4L and should be roughly similar to a T3/T4 "hybrid" 50-trim that's commonly used with much success. Galant VR-4 Forums » Galant VR-4 » Newbies » HX35 Which Mainfold to use besides the the BEP housing: HX35 Which Mainfold to use besides the the BEP housing: Vr4junkie ... from the looks of the pics seems to have a nice fit is this on a DSM or GVR4 also is the HY35 and HX35 similar will i have the same clearance with the HX35 as this in the pic?Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Holset : Holset Turbo Hx40 62.35mm Billet Compressor Wheel Housing 325.00 View Item Details