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Usagi Yojimbo Dojo Center Ring This is where the fighting happens, the "Battle Board" where Usagi goes up against his friends, and his enemies, and even his fellow comic book heroes in blazing tournaments of honor and skill, and maybe even a little bit of trickery, because anything can go in the Center Ring! The Dojo, and all of the instructors are devoted to fitness! They work hard at making sure they meet the needs of all those who workout at the Dojo. I have been a member since Phil opened the Dojo, and still feel as strongly as ever that they are great people and offer great classes for both kids and adults! Aug 22, 2005 · The Dojo (Japanese: 道場, meaning "place of the way") was a secluded building, high in the mountains. Here, the master Sensei trained penguins in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu, by teaching them of the elements of fire, water, and snow. The Dojo had several training mats for playing Card-Jitsu. In the center, there was a cushion where Sensei sat. Hacker Dojo is a 16,600-square-foot (1,540 m 2) community center and hackerspace that is based in Santa Clara, California. Predominantly an open working space for software projects, the Dojo hosts a range of events from technology classes to biology, computer hardware, and manufacturing and is open to all types of hackers. Our highest qualities — courtesy, discipline, self control, generosity, kindness, perseverance — are practiced on the dojo floor every day. We’ve made it easy for you to get started, and to fully experience this challenging and excellent practice. For instance, you could send a message to every parent reminding them that picture day is tomorrow or you could send a message to one specific parent about how well their student is doing with an activity. There are many ways you can keep parents in the loop by using ClassDojo. Main Features . Class attendance; Class story page; Invite and ... Starting today, parents can join the fun and share moments from home right through ClassDojo Messaging! Just make sure they’ve updated their ClassDojo app, and they’ll see a “camera” and “smiley face” icon in the message channel. Here are the top 5 teacher ideas of how to engage parents with this new addition: Create photo assignments.