Procedural 2d trees

Gaia eXtensions (GX) are integration’s between Gaia and Third Party assets.Gaia eXtensions make it quicker and easier to create your game and can range from art assets such as terrain textures, grasses, trees and 3D models to shaders and tools which improve the visual look of your scene. Folks, would you please recommend the best way to simulate slight bending of grass and trees? My grass and trees are 2d sprites, rendered with the sprite renderer and the game uses orthographic camera. I replaced default sprite shader with my own one which skewed vertices by some angle. Well, it kinda works but I'm not satisfied with results. May 17, 2017 · Whilst reading up on algorithms for generating trees, I stumbled across something called a space colonisation algorithm, and apparently they’re really good at generating trees. In fact, if you search ‘Space Colonisation Algorithm’, there’ll be a lot of results that link to creating trees. I am a Plants vs Zombies junkie as well, really liked the concept of Tree of Wisdom. Would love to create similar procedural art just for fun and learn more. Question: How should I approach the process of creating an artistic tree (2d perhaps with fixed camera/perspective) dynamically? Procedural Trees and Fire in a Virtual World – a white paper on creating procedural trees and procedural fire using the Intel Smoke framework; A Real-Time Procedural Universe – a tutorial on generating procedural planets in real-time; Search-based procedural content generation: a taxonomy and survey Procedural project by bbtarzan12 with no description. Unity Procedural 2D Tile Game. No additional info available for now. You can also check out these following projects: