Venus conjunct pluto vs venus in scorpio

Aug 17, 2008 · 2 comments on “ Venus Conjunct Mars in Synastry ” Deirdre on August 17, 2008 at 9:19 am said: Your post has the feeling tragedy comedy, this topic interests me as I have a Mars Venus conjunction — in Capricorn — which gets me into trouble sometimes. The Eclipse Moon is opposite Sun and Venus with the North Lunar Node. This brings great tension to the world. Moon conjunct Pluto with Pluto in opposition to the Sun signals a complicated period with lots of confusion, eccentric behavior in political circles, plenty of dealings with the police, underworld figures and street gangs. Aug 22, 2014 · Thank you for sharing your own pluto experience, and yes your are one of a kind indeed! Having two inner planets in scorpio specially venus conjunct your pluto in ascendant makes you feel, and know that your are scorpio deep inside. You have an alluring beauty and mental skills of a detective. Originally posted by RegardesPlatero: I have both Venus in Scorpio AND Venus conjunct Pluto (my Pluto is also in Scorpio). Mwah ha ha ha. In all seriousness, YES, it's intense. I can't say whether or not it's like having Venus conjunct Pluto, since I have both, but I can say that is a VERY intense (and spiritual) approach to rela Although a previous post Love and Attraction in the Signs of Venus has been popular for its notes on the sign positions of natal Venus, it must be announced that tonight at 9:53 pm edt transit Venus enters the Tropical sign of Leo the Lion! Mar 22, 2017 · Venus Mars conjunction in 4th house: 4th house indicates general study, mother, home etc, when these two are in the 4th the people will have good house, will have vehicles, will be bestowed with land and if it is a female case the lay will love to bedeck herself with gold and jewellery.