How to use openwebif

The enigma2 platform allows you to control a Linux based set-top box which is running Enigma2 with the OpenWebif plugin installed.. OpenWebif is an open source web interface for Enigma2 based set-top boxes. Webif has many features and there all self explanatory, have fun. Never connect your receiver direct to the internet OpenWebif has the option to access it (GUI) using a login and password, this is meant for logging in from within a secure environment , like your personal network, eg. your LAN (RFC 1918), so not from the internet! you must be doing something wrong, at least me and many other users are able to use both webinterfaces simultaneously. My config is: OpenWebIF uses port 81, WebIF uses port 82, but that shouldnt matter as long as they are set to different (and not used) ports. I had some struggles while OpenWebIF was set to port 80, so I avoid it.