Ebscohost collection manager

Description. The Flipster Carousel app provides a carousel of magazine covers that can be customized by the library.Add this to your search page or your results list. Flipster delivers instant access to the most popular magazines, making it simple for users to select their favorite digital magazines from the library’s newsstand and start r EBSCO Usage Consolidation, when combined with EBSCONET Subscription Management, makes usage data available at your point of need, allowing you to see how your library’s resources are being utilized, and ultimately, providing valuable information that will enable you to develop a collection that empowers your users. EBSCO is a leading provider of Journals, e-Journals, e-Journal Packages and Magazines Subscriptions and offers subscription management tools including EBSCONET, Usage Consolidation, Analytics and more StackMap Collection Mapping The app helps users find a physical copy of the item by integrating StackMap or other library mapping software into the results. Survey Request EBSCO offers several options to conveniently build or grow e-book and audiobook collections. Browse or search for individual titles across a variety of subject areas, choose from pre-packaged Subject Sets and Featured Collections, or let EBSCO’s Collection Development team create a custom collection designed specifically for your library.