Friendship proverbs in english

"A hedge between keeps friendship green." Meaning: friendship will flourish if you and your friend respect each other's privacy. "False friends are worse than open enemies." Meaning: it's better to know who your real enemies are rather than trust someone who pretends to be a friend but is capable of stabbing you in the back.Proverbe / Proverb Literal translation Idiomatic translation / English equivalent Meaning; Offrir l'amitié à qui veut l'amour, c'est donner du pain à qui meurt de soif. To offer friendship to someone who wants love is like giving food to someone who’s dying of thirst: Nothing is crueler than unrequited love: Nothing is crueler than ... Old age is not as honorable as death, but most people want it. – Crow. Even a small mouse has anger. – Tribe Unknown. If a man is as wise as a serpent, he can afford to be as harmless as a dove.