How to bypass lid lock on maytag washer

maytag lid switch 1 bypass washer lock lse7806ace assembly. maytag lid switch washer bypassing whirlpool direct drive bypass actuator centennial test . maytag lid switch the should be replaced all kit with switches can eliminate future problems a common one is pictured below fix commercial washer lock b . My Maytag Bravos washer MVWX550XW0 purchased just over 2 years ago will not begin any cycles. The Lid Lock light blinks, but never stays solid lit to indicate the lid is locked and the cycle will begin. There is also a clicking sound coming from the control panel when the lid attempts to lock. Rated 5 out of 5 by Atoz from Great washer! The only issue that ever pops up is that the lock sticks and the washer won’t start. All you have to do is flip the latch down and it’s perfect! I’ve had this washer for 3-4 years and have no complaints. It handles large and small loads beautifully. Aug 30, 2016 · Before I begin, contrary to what you might have already read via google/forum searches, you CAN bypass the lid closed/lock safety switch on your Washer. It's not as simple as twisting two wires together, though. You should also go ahead and unplug the unit while this is being done. Find the switch or lock assembly, and the strike that engages the switch, protruding through the main top. Replace the strike or hook if it is broken or warped. On most washing machines, the door or lid needs to shut fully and the lock needs to engage before the washer will operate. For those of you who have this same problem with the Kenmore/ Whirlpool/ Maytag washer that won't spin and a lid lock LED that just blinks, try changing the shift actuator. I wasted money changing the lid lock, but chaging the actuator worked and it only cost about $50 and got here a day after ordering online. Thanks again for all the help.